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Who We Are
The Infometer project center provides consulting services on maintenance and filling of online resources.
According to the law, all government bodies (and also schools, hospitals, real estate developers, and many others) must maintain their own websites placing specific information defined by law. Their websites also must be user-friendly and meet modern IT requirements.
We work since 2008.
We know exactly what must be published on your website in accordance with law.
Since legislation is constantly changing and web technologies are developing swiftly, administrators pf government bodies' websites often need assistance. It is what the Infometer exists for.
We work since 2008. We know exactly what must be published on your website in accordance with law. We will tell you where and how to place necessary information to avoid claims from users or (what is even worse) oversight bodies. We know best practices of design for various website sections and implementation of modern online services, and we help to realize these practices.
Our Skills
Auditing websites or website groups
We develop lists of audit parameters based on legislative requirements and common sense, and show in figures what are weaknesses of a specific portal.

Audit example
We tell in easy language what must be published on a website in accordance with legislative requirements and show illustrative examples.
We answer questions asked by persons in charge of website maintenance. We also render remote support on issues of portal filling.

Remote consulting
Rating by openness
To stimulate competition and to show what websites your colleagues of the same field have, we rate groups of websites (calculate information openness rates for each webstie and compare them within a group). This motivates people to improve their websites.

Infometer ratings
Open data development
Since 2013 open data publication is mandatory. We perform expert studies in the field of open data and prepare proposals on development of the site for open data publication. We can give a piece of advice what and how can be to converted to open data format.

Brief guide on open data demand assessment
Consulting on public councils' openness
We develop proposals on disclosing information on activities of public chambers/councils. We can show what tools help a public chamber or a public council to serve as a sound representative of the civil society.

What a public council website should look like
Special projects
We collect and analyze information based on open data and publish resulting analytical materials.

Housing secrets
Still More...
We hold annual openness audits for websites of several specific groups of government bodies (federal executive bodies, regional parliaments, city administrations, etc.)
Within the audits, we provide FREE remote consulting for administrators of websites audited.
  • For clients: a possibility to learn about our services
  • For ourselves: implementation of the project center's expert/research functions
Our Team
The Infometer involves lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, and IT specialists who will prevent you from relaxation leaving your website readers in the dark.
Vyacheslav Romanov
Director for Analytics
Elkhan Mamedov
Leading Expert
Ekaterina Praschuk
Egor Korobkin
Sergey Babushkin
Legal Analyst
Igor Dorfman
IT Coordinator
Svyatoslav Zborovsky
Our Partners
We are friends with mass media, we like special projects getting response from wide public. We are glad to cooperate with IT specialists and software developers dealing with open data and big data.
We are ready for cooperation and knowledge exchange.
To improve your website, please write or phone to us
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