data communication fellowship
Numbers will speak
Turning judicial statistics into a meaningful, understandable and easy-to-use database.
part 1
"Project center Infometer"
a consulting agency and openness advocates
Viacheslav Romanov
Director of Analytics in Project Center Infometer
I have rich experience working with open governmental data in Russia. I can get data I need (familiar with FOI legislation). I use the received data in investigational media-projects.

I am responsible for the strategic development of the Project Center Infometer. I'm looking for new topics for research and social impact.

I am an educated lawyer with (unfortunately) no programming skills. But I'm open for new tech and permanently search for instruments and inspiration.
Project Center Infometer
My team since 2012
To analyze information, it must first be made open.

We hold annual openness audits for websites of several specific groups of government bodies (federal executive bodies, regional parliaments, city administrations, etc.)

Within the audits, we provide remote consulting for administrators of websites audited.

More about us here
Analytical projects
We learn to analyze data and create media projects based on them
Communal Secrets
We collected financial statements of house management companies of St. Petersburg (18,000 houses) and found inconsistencies of ~ $100m

We made a calculator, where every resident of St. Petersburg can calculate deviations in his house, and instructions for a complaint to the management company in case the financial information is not available.


API of portal reformagkh.ru
Visualization in Tableau
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Closer Look
Non-free Economic Zones
We analyzed the data on the procurement of 116 penitentiary facilities in Russia (North-West). We were convinced that the correctional system "feeds itself" and does not sell goods to the sums voiced by officials.

Made an interactive map of the colonies

API of portal clearspending.ru
Visualization in Tableau
Maps based on Google Fusion Maps
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Closer Look
Gold of Parties
We collected and digitized the financial statements of the parties about donations
We found a lot of suspicious cases: donations to non-real parties, identical amounts, "young and rich" donors and others.
We got to the information about each donor.

FineReader OCR on PDF
Visualization in Tableau
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Closer Look
part 2
The results of trials and the destinies of people
behind numbers
I plan to work on the consolidation of HTML-data from the federal database of judicial statistics.

These are tens of thousands of HTML files containing reports on different regions and subjects. I want to create a convenient and in-demand repository of judiciary statistics with the ability to select and visualize the data of interest.
This is how it looks in STAKS
Available detalization
The current data represents unstructured non-plain HTML tables.
Regions (85)
Years (2010-2016)
Types of reports (criminal, civil cases, administrative violations, etc.)
Sections of reports (1 to 10 dep. on report)
Separate articles of the Codes inside the report: eg. participation in unsanctioned rallies, treason, theft, bribery, drunk driving, deprivation of parental rights, and so on.
separate indicators: the number of convicts, the number of acquittals and others.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
part 3
Database and Portal
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences.
Analysis and Visualization
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist in 30 minutes.
Communication and Education.
Our prices are fixed for some standard services.
My plan
Collect the information
Scrape the data
Find the way to communicate with the data
Vizualize the data
Create a portal
Put in the API
Make a course for journalists
Let's see what happens!
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