Infometer System:
User Guide
The Infometer online informational system is the main tool for openness audit since 2010. This is a site for expert evaluation of websites, publication of ratings, and remote consulting for entities' representatives wishing to improve informational quality of their online resources.

Here we tell what capacities the system provides and how to use them.
Infometer System Capacities
For Registered Users:
For All Users:
Remote Consulting

1. What can one learn?
Having opened the link from our invitation and passed the registration procedure, a user will see a page with evaluation scores for his/her entity's website.
2. How to use the Comment field
A comment may be posted under any expert proposal.
  • If you agree with the proposal and have made relevant amendments to your website, please copy the link to the page modified and paste it into your comment.
  • If you agree with the proposal but are unable to fulfill it for any reasons, please inform the expert on this.
  • If you disagree with the proposal your comments are still more welcome to be discussed.
After posting a comment, a message will be displayed, informing how soon you will be contacted. Up to that date, the expert will inform how your website evaluation scores have been changed and possibly provide additional recommendations, if appropriate. See the video showing what it looks like.
3. How to learn expert responses?
Maximal comment response term in three days but usually we respond in less time. In order not to spend time and effort to manual updating of the page while expecting evaluation score modification, you can customize notifications on new expert comments.
To do this, click "Preferences" (top right corner) and select an appropriate option for e-mail notifications from the drop-down list. Notifications will come to the email you defined when registering.
4. Why I cannot comment now?
In our distribution lists, we always inform on the date of completion of free remote consulting. After that date, no new comments can be added: our experts finalize audit results and finish processing of the comments posted earlier.
If you wish to get advice on your website when it is convenient for you we are ready to offer individual audit and expert consulting. Please email to info@infometer.org or call +7 (812) 944-13-40
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Openness Certificate

1. Who and why needs it?
Success of remote consulting and growth of information openness level of the website can be certified officially. For this, you can order an e-certificate of the Infometer.

This can be done by means of the system.

The certificate can be printed, framed, and pinned up to the wall, or placed on your website.
2. How to get an openness certificate?
The certificate can be ordered after open publication of the final rating. Please click "Order a Certificate" (top left corner, near the "Main" link). Click the preview to see what the Infometer certificates look like. You can order:
  • a certificate for an organization;
  • a certificate for a specific staff member (when ordering a personal certificate, the "Specific Request" field is available where, e. g., full name of an official's position can be mentioned).
Click "Order Certificate". Check the information. if everything is correct, click "Confirm Order". An e-certificate will come to your registration email within five working days.

Video showing how to order an openness certificate.
Openness Ratings
Full list of ratings for all years is available in the Ratings section.
Open Data

You can learn not only an organization's position in the rating but also all its evaluation scores and proposals on each audit parameter. A printable version is also available.
Any rating can be downloaded in CSV format together with all scores and proposals.

The online feedback form is available to all users, this does not depend on registration. Please inform isf you have not received an invitation letter, if you have met troubles when registering, or in you have any questions on the audit procedure or any proposals on Infometer functionality improvement. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

How to Register
1. How to Get Expert Advice from the Infometer?
You will need a user account in the system. Registration and access to evaluation scores are provided through an invitation link sent by email.

  • Within remote consulting free of charge (public audits) the invitation link is sent to the organization email placed in the contact data section of the organization's website.
  • Within individual audit, email address convenient for user registration and correspondence is settled individually between our experts and you.

We send emails from system@infometer.org and info@infometer.org addresses.
Click the link and check whether your organization is named correctly. Mandatory field for registration are email address and password. You can also enter your name, position, and phone number for more convenient communication. Finally, click "Register".

Note: If you have received an invitation link to some email but wish to register with another email address, all you need is to specify the preferable email address in the relevant field.
2. When free remote consulting takes place?
Approximate annual consulting schedule if the following:

1st quarter: administration of cities populated over 100,000
2nd quarter: regional legislative government bodies
3rd quarter: general jurisdiction courts, schools
4th quarter: federal executive government bodies, top regional executive government bodies

The schedule can be modified. In our preliminary announces, we inform on exact dates for remote consulting.
3. What if I am already registered in this system?
To get access to evaluation scores and proposals within the current remote consulting cycle, you also need a personal invitation link. If your account is already registered, the system will direct you to the login page where you should enter your password. If you have forgotten the password, you can reset it by means of the relevant menu.
4. I have not received an invitation letter, what to do?
If you are sure that your organization is included into the audit but no invitation letter has come to you, please inform us by email info@infometer.org or by phone +7 (812) 944-13-40
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